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Fashion: Shorts for women

Shorts are popular with young and slender women because they act sexy and bring long, slender female legs perfectly. Now you might think that shorts are only for the summer. That is not true, because even in autumn and winter, you can enrich your fashion with shorts. We will tell you what you can wear to your shorts, depending on whether you want to be sexy or sporty clothes.

Great combination partner to shorts

Shorts for the fall and winter can be found in many forms. Most recently, shorts with leg cuffs, in grey, with pattern. Various Shorts are available in a slightly longer form, close but above the knee.

To your jean shorts, you wear blouses in floral design or pattern. Thus, it is not you cold; you can combine perfectly with a pair of shorts in the fall of a turtleneck. He may be a little shorter to shorts. With shorts and turtleneck blazer in wool, in the current colours of autumn. Black, grey or brown are particularly timely. Naturally fit into your shorts in a fall sweater. Sweaters in rustic form, with cables and scarf collar, in trendsetting natural colours, you can combine with a sporty blouse.

Fashion jewellery – New jewellery designs

There is a wealth of ideas from renowned manufacturers such as Esprit and Hugo Boss. Leather bracelets, watches, jewellery made of silver, gold, and stainless steel give our eyes sparkle. These creations provide an international lifestyle fashion and luxury at affordable prices. The huge range enriches life through fresh and stylish ideas. In addition, extraordinary creations are in demand. Subtly or flashy?

Each person finds his personal favourite. With tank treads made of polished brass with pendants resin stones, crystals and coral, as and a matching bracelet to.The new trend are charms. The attractive charm bracelets can make any themselves. There are no limits to the carrier.

A large selection of charms and clip the matching bracelets

They remind you of childhood nostalgia and can be attached to a necklace, brooch or on a bracelet. As always, a piece of youth remains.

Children’s fashion trends – rocky and cool!

The online clothing store for children are based on the adult mode. There may still be a little rocky and cool, but not too cute! Hip music and television stars adorn the shirts of the little quaint cartoon characters were yesterday. The children’s clothing fits very generally to the wardrobe of role models from the media to. Clothes for boys is set to permeability and on celebrations are sneakers worn. The trendy sneakers that are ankle high are also again to the fashionable outfit.

The sleeveless shirt for little fashionable men experienced a revival, and in contrast to the great, the kids usually have to worry about her figure. Just as the entire wardrobe and the pants stay casual, and at the right pants include jeans with narrow sections. Accessories are also an important issue, because for example, the scarf and the scarf again can be up to date. Scarves are thus complement the hip – even for children’s clothing for boys.

The metal chains of rappers but not belong into the fashion. Once the dress is casual, and altogether natural, but the boys can continue to buggy pants and the girls in leggings frisk. Similarly, from the outerwear on permeability and of course also inspired the wardrobe of adults. The online clothing store for girls is the layered look and narrow sections should it be like in the trendy kids.

The leggings can also narrow with a jersey skirt or a short pleated skirt are combined. Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts are worn one above the other, and the layered look, it may also be in pants and skirt. The trendy summer boots are combined into autumn skirts and narrow pants.

A strong purple is the real trend colour and it is also found in the fashionable clothes for girls and boys again. In girls, colour is combined with black and another strong. However, may also in small girls so popular pastels be colours, in the adult fashion are currently on the way top. The fashionable pastel colours can be worn with natural tones and bright colours for boys are back in fashion.

Though the outfits for girls and boys are fashionable, clothing should be adaptable, easy to maintain and durable.